Hey girls and boys,
I'm back. It feels strange but good to be back on my MacBook writing a blogpost after 3 years without having my own blog. Also I'm not hundred percent sure what I'm going to post on here - so stay tuned guys, haha. The first thing I definitely want to show you are some pictures I took with my talented friend Melina (@melinalsr) for the latest The North Face campaign. I thought this would be a perfect start, especially because the campaign is dedicated to all the female explorers and women who empower each other.
The step to start my own blog is a really big one for me. I gave up my job blogging for a German sneaker retailer which was my only save and monthly income. I had the feeling I couldn't grow anymore and I needed to start something new. My own blog is the perfect challenge for that. I always loved blogging in my teenage years when I was in high school but quit some years ago, when I started with university. I was sharing my daily life with my friends and of course already some outfits. This blog project I'm starting now is very important for myself because it's something I wanted to do for a long time. I hesitated for so long out of fear that I had nothing to post and that fact that probably no one cares about me and my shitty english. Now I'm pretty excited and I can't wait to see how things are going to develop in the future. I'm really positive minded for that because I always did what I loved and what I can do best - and somehow it worked out. If you feel free, work hard and always believe in yourself you can make everything happen - I'm pretty sure about that.
Back to the campaign by The North Face I really have to say that I'm more than just happy to be part of this awesome project. The North Face has been one of my favorite brands since ever and it has it's well deserved place in streetwear for years now. The idea of supporting women who empower each other is just great! All the women surrounding me are part of my motivation. Seeing cool girls on the gram doing some great work and having the most supportive girl gang ever gives me the inspiration and the confidence to just be myself and try some new things. I hope I can also empower some of you to chase your goals. Girls we can move mountains (and boys you can do to).
My friend Phil did a good job on my Logo and Background + more Stuff to come. So go check his work and vacation studios.
Sidenote: This is not my first blogpost, but my first blogpost in English - so please be kind.