June 7, 2018

Christina in Düsseldorf (I'm literally crying about this picure she's too pretty)



 Dilara and Xtina in Düsseldorf



 You already know this fucker



Pascal, Kaya, Emilya in Düsseldorf






Xtina / Me


Dilan, Robyn & Nati @ Adidas Faclon Event in Berlin


 Kicki in Berlin / Rami + Kadja in Berlin


 My hoodgirl Xtina in Cologne



 long Kiosk nights w/ Dilara and Rami in Cologne



 Bbygirl Annina in Hamburg / Gianni + Emilya in Cologne



 Skateparkhangs @ night w/ Xtina


 Emilya + Melina in Cologne




 Me in Cologne and Emilya in Bonn





This is my first film ever. Ironically I saw this camera online selling for people who just do irrelevant documentation of their friends. Perfect for me since I got no skills in Photography and just bought this camera for fun. Do you want to see more random pics of me and my friends in the future? 

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