Christina in Düsseldorf (I'm literally crying about this picure she's too pretty)

Dilara and Xtina in Düsseldorf

You already know this fucker

Pascal, Kaya, Emilya in Düsseldorf


Xtina / Me

Dilan, Robyn & Nati @ Adidas Faclon Event in Berlin

Kicki in Berlin / Rami + Kadja in Berlin

My hoodgirl Xtina in Cologne

long Kiosk nights w/ Dilara and Rami in Cologne

Bbygirl Annina in Hamburg / Gianni + Emilya in Cologne

Skateparkhangs @ night w/ Xtina

Emilya + Melina in Cologne

Me in Cologne and Emilya in Bonn

This is my first film ever. Ironically I saw this camera online selling for people who just do irrelevant documentation of their friends. Perfect for me since I got no skills in Photography and just bought this camera for fun. Do you want to see more random pics of me and my friends in the future?