Yaaaay here they come - the analogue shots I collected in June! So nice that so many of you were curious too see more of my random shots. Also sorry for the long wait but the photostudio fucked over 3 USB sticks : ))) s/o to Phil for helping me out again & again!

It has been a super fun month for me with a lot of events and traveling. I'm super grateful I can live the free life I'm living. The pictures from my trip to Venice with my boy are missing, bc I'm still not sure if I wanna share them (sorrynotsorry). I think I'm gonna do an extra travel posting, if I change my mind. I got some super cool input for you then.

What I really love about doing some spontaneous analogue shots from time to time is the fact that I'm always super surprised when I'm picking up my developed photos from the store, because I already forgot what's on the film. It's nice to remember all these moments I captured again + realizing I've got the prettiest friends. Thanks for making my life so much better.

I'm a little bit sad that my bae hates to be on the internet so I'm gonna withhold our cheesy pics from you 4 evaaaa - haha. Oh and at this point it's a perfect time for a little LLIAP life lesson: Not every couple who has the cutest pics together on Insta has a perfect relationship and also people who doesn't mention their bf/gf do not automatically have a boring or bad relationship.

Because we already know: Never let the internet fool you. : )

And now have fun scrolling to my June!

Simon and Rami at PRAISEMag Party in Cologne

Xtina at Get Furniture Pop-up in Cologne

Nati and me in Cologne

One of my favorite places for cheap Lebanese food in Cologne is Hayati

Dilara and Laurent at Revelation Fest in Belgium / Patrick in Belgium

Shooting for Unknown with Callum in Milano

Dilara getting Tabacco at White Street Market Milano / Me in Milano

Nati & Me at B&&B Preview Event in Berlin

Alex / Nasty + Legend David Wong at B&&B Preview Event Berlin

Me / Alex on our shopping tour in Big B

Last pic is me seeming not very amused about having my favorite vegan crepes in cologne haha.