August 10, 2018

Hello my angels,


July was pretty nice I guess...

 ... Julius came back from Barcelona + we had Lunch at the one and only Krua Thai


 ...then I was in Berlin for Fashion Week + to see my Girls 


Fijiboy was always drunk 


Nati also came over to Cologne since the Morrissey concert in Berlin that weekend got cancelled...


... but at least we went to a Dark Wave party with 50 year old dads @Blue Shell that night 


 Xtina photogenic as always


 I had some looong summer hangouts at Stadtgarten with my friends


 and I got to spent a lot of time with Emilya, I'm so happy she's gonna move to Cologne very soon <3


I had a lot of Asian Food dates w/ B a e 


(Inb4 noodles at Daikan are not vegan - I always order my Ramen without normally, but this time they screwed it up and I don't want them to throw them in the trash - so please @ vegan police calm down)


 ... and also a lot of coffee dates w/ B a e <3


 ... and even more coffee dates with Emilya - thank you for everything!


And yeah of course manymany Brüsslerplatz hangouts (HAHAHAH this pictures captures this place perfectly) - I don't smoke btw


 thanks @ everyone

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