hi my angels,

i hope you were already waiting for my September recap. I am currently sitting in my Airbnb in Bangkok and it's already 7pm over here, we arrived around 12 but Jetlag and Rain canceled our plans today, so I am coming up with this posting for you. Also I am definitely telling you everything about my holiday here, when I get back. :)

I did a lot of nice stuff in September, unfortunately I didn't always bring my camera with me. Well, I still got some super nice pictures for you so keep scrolling...

I visited B&&B in Berlin and it was great, especially because my boyfriend joined me for some job stuff in Berlin the first time ever. I did a job with Vans and they let me customize my very own pair of the Sk8-Hi.

I met many of my lovely friends I lost to lovely Berlin (srsly I have the feeling everyone is living there or moving there now) + also many friends I made in Berlin. Like Dani in the pic above, she is amazing! Check her Instagram + Blog.

Bae and me made sure to finally check out all Ramen places from our Berlin bucketlist.

My family got a new member. This is Lotte. She's the cutest angel I already love her so much. Animals are so much better than humans.

Also in September I had the honour to shoot for one of my favorite brands Goodbyebread again! I know I already told you. Pics going online this week or next. I love to work with these guys and I am happy to call them my friends now. I had a great time. Also I really appreciate they take my fat vegan ass to every vegan place in this town. You're amazing!

Asimoula took this pic of me on my last day off in Athens. After that I directly flew to Berlin again just for hangouts with my friends. I had so much fun and nice talks with my girls Sandra, Emilya and Nati. I miss you already! Oh, and I visited the Dandy Diary x Givenchy party + the Roberto Cavalli event (who saw my dresscode fail instastory hahaa?). It was a nice month I guess. October also starting well for me with my stay in Thailand + my first stay in Asia at all. : )

Speak soon, babys!