Hey my angels,

As you may know I have been in Thailand with my boyfriend. It was also my first time in Asia at all and I really enjoyed seeing so many new and different things. We spent the first to 4 days of our vacation in Bangkok and I thought I would write you down some good things we did there, so you got some recommendations where to go. Also just wanted to share the pictures we took. Maybe I am gonna do a Phuket tour guide aswell. Not sure yet. Also I am still waiting for one film to develop. I really liked Bangkok as a city - people are so polite, everything is so well organized and it seemed like people are taking care of each other even if there are so many of them. But now get ready for some recommendations from my first visit:

For vintage shopping make sure to visit Chatuchak Market. It's a little bit outside the city but it's really worth the visit. You can buy almost everything at Chatuchak Market, starting from plastic flowers and food, to fake supreme stuff, to dog supply, to rare vintage clothing. The market is like many small booths next to each other under one roof sorted by categories. You should really plan to spend there half a day since there is a lot to see and its really fucking huge. If you are looking for Ralph Lauren vintage stuff or rare old sneakers, that's the place to go.

In Bangkok city there are also some nice vintage stores like Wooden Submarine close to Siam Square and some other small stores in the red light district Soi Cowboy. One of them was 55 vintage. You should just stroll around in this area and you will find many nice small stores. Also there is the Bape store and in this area. Haven't been there tho.

Then you got all the shops around Siam Square. You will find everything in the malls around this place. In the Siam Paragon you will find Off-White, Balanciaga, Ralph Lauren and all the other basic brands for rich people (not me). Even tho it was nice to look at everything there. In the streets close to the big shopping malls you will find other good shops. If you are looking for some resell stores for heat sneaker and Supreme you really must walk around there. The coolest one was Outcast store they have almost every Supreme item you can think of in stock. Also there was a small store right next to this shop which also had some hypebeast stuff to sell. Also you can find a Commes des Garçons store right in this corner.

If you are looking to shop some kicks I can recommned you CARNIVAL, Knock BKK and Atmos store of course. If you are looking to buy your grail in DS go visit Nice Feet Resell store.

For our first time of Thailand of course we were also very excited to see als the sights and beautiful Temples in Bangkok. Temple of Dawn, you can see in the pic below was my favorite thing to see. It's just overwhelming and impressive how much work and love for details the people put in it, when they build and painted the temple. Also I had a thing for all the small temples right in the city and in China Town. Another thing we went to see is the huge lying Buddha (Wat Pho) and the temples around it. Also really worth a visit. Then we walked past the Grand Palace and the Giant Swing. I was really disappointed that the Giant Swing isn't really a swing tbh. I was already looking forward to take a ride on it haha. Our last touristic stop was Golden Mountain. You've got a great view over Bangkok's skyline from this place.

If you are vegan, I have some bad news for you. It's reaaaaly fucking hard to find authentic vegan Thai Food in Bangkok since everything has Seafood or at least fish sauce in it. One thing I ate almost in every place is Morning Glory, which is stir fried water spinach with some garlic. It's really cheap and tastes amazing. If you want to have some vegan food you should use happy cow app and go to some completely vegan places, to be sure you don't have any animal products in your meal. We didn't do that, but a place for vegan food many people recommended me was House Of Joy. I couldn't make it there since it was closed all the time, when we were in BKK, but maybe you will be luckier than us. Bae and me went to try every street food and we felt perfectly fine. You don't have to be scared to try, we only made great experience with that (especially later in Phuket). At Chatuchak Market we had some pretty decent street food, also I had the best Morning Glory there. Another great place for food is Chinatown. You will also be more lucky as a vegan there, since they have lot of stuff with tofu or seitan. I loved Chinatown in Bangkok, it's a great place to just stroll around at both times - day and night. Also you can try more streetfood at Bangkok's other night markets. One thing we did was walking to a Michelin Star street food restaurant called Jay Fai. All the dishes were cooked by a at least 70 year old lady with some weird goggles on. She had taken the business from her granddad so you can get very old traditional Thai food at this place. Unfortunately had to wait on a list for more than one hour + prices were of course pretty expensive (around 35€ for a soup). We were starving that day so we didn't make it and left before our name was called, but please if you were in Bangkok / are going to be there, let me know if it's worth the money.

Last thing I have to say about food and drinks in Bangkok is that I got my boyfriend bubble tea addicted (he HATED it back in Germany, he didn't even wanna try a sip out of mine). In case you don't know what to order: My favorite flavor is taro soy milk tea with tapioca pearls in it. You will never go wrong with this one (or literally anything else with taro flavor). I love that it tastes like raw cookies haha.

That's it for now. Stay based friends.