Hi my angels,

I know I didn't do a recap for October. It's because I spent half of the month in Thailand. I did that Bangkok recap instead. Phuket pics stay private. Also I just found my photos I took on our spontaneous weekend trip to Paris with bae. Are you interested an a little tour guide from my first stay in Paris (well I have been to Paris two times before, but it was only for work and I didn't really had the time to explore the city and see some culture + touristy stuff)? So last month started well for me. One of my favorite sneaker stores in Germany, Afew, invited me and some friends for a Japan themened day in the Japanese district of Düsseldorf to celebrate the release of their Asics collaboration "The Orange Koi". It has been so much fun, we went to get some cute snacks at a Japanese Bakery and some other supplies at the Supermarket. I enjoy Asian food the most, so this was already a great way to start the day. Getting the Orange Koi of course was the biggest treat of the day. I know it's late but a big thank you for this, Afew store! I loved, that the Afew Team didn't chose to invite all the influencer you see at every event, but certain people who have an emotional bond to their store and the Asics Koi. It was fun meeting so many people from the campout for their first Koi release some years ago (3 years I think?). I mean we stayed there from Wednesday 'til Sunday to get these kicks, which is just crazy. You can tell that you get to know the people hanging out there after that time. I am happy to call many of them my friends now :-) But enough of that, we continued our day at Sneakerness so be ready for some snapshots of from that day now...

... so yeah that was Sneakerness for me: Many friends, many cigaretts and way to many Off-White kicks for resale.

We had some great food. I can highly recommand Café Rotkehlchen in Ehrenfeld for vegan breakfast. Their vegan carrot salmon is just insane. Same thing I can say about the cashew ricotta at Nenillo Pizza.

Dilara stayed for the whole weekend (which is also the reason why I had too much food and too many drinks) <3

We went to "Nacht der Museen" at KISD, where my dear friend Julius and his colleagues did a very cool exhibition to pay attention to the bad things happening at Hambacher Forst + all the forest clearing.

I did some dog sitting and managed to hang out with my chilhood best friend a few times. We have been friends for 18 years now. I love playing board games with you. Also please take a moment to appreciate this DIY dyed Sisters Of Mercy shirt.

Some shots from the show of POWERAGE and PIECE @ Emokeller in Essen. These guys are wild!

Bae took me to "Skulpturen Park" on a golden Autumn day.

Annina visited me in Cologne. We went for some damn fine vegan Ramen at Nobiko Dinner in Köln Kalk.

Super delicious, highly recommended by your favorite fat ass vegan bloggergirl.

And I visited Annina in Hamburg since I was invited for Sneakercon.

Well, Sneakercon sucked, but at least I had some nice Pho and two great days with Annina and her boyfriend Lax Diamond ;-)

Aaaand last but not least, shittiest pig ever but definitely the best weekend that month: Annina and me went to Berlin to surprise Nati for her birthday. We all cried. A photo can't tell how much love I got for my girls. Emilya is missing tho. ILY