Hiii angels,

Welcome to 2019! feel changed yet? Because I don't. To start the new year I got the biggest analog recap ever for you! I know you enjoy stalking ma private life so here is a huge dose for you! I am REALLY gonna try post more in 2019, I am gonna do a lil Q&A for you on my instastory for that later today. Please be a cutie & take part so I can deliver the content you always dreamed of hahah.

My last month started great with one of the most amazing trips ever. Dilara and me went to London and we had such a fun time. I don't know why, but when I am alone with this b, my stomach hurts from laughing all the time (about Dilara ofc). Just kidding, I love traveling with my annoying friend fancy D the most (but please don't tell her she will brag about this later).

Now, enjoy:

We had the fanciest taro bubble tea e-v-e-r. It came in glass bottles and it tasted way to healthy.

I know plastic is v. baaad but I enjoy my bubble tea in trashy plastic cups the most haha. >:(

We went to my favorite ramen place in London (twice). Its Bone Daddies right opposite to the Supreme store.

The ramen is great, they got a lot of vegan options and you can watch all the hypebeasts going in and out Supreme.

Than the amazing TRÉS RASCHE girls had a pop-up store and event in Shoreditch.

I bought a pink bucket hat and some super cool cycling shorts.

You should check them if you don't know these babes yet.

We did a lot of shopping & also some tourist stuff. This is the last pic of me wearing my grillz btw.

I lost them in London. 2 weeks after getting them. I am still super S-A-D. Fml.

Best food (very bad photo) vs. worst food we had at night in Hackney after the Nothing show.

The fries sucked but the evening was great tho. We had the best time making fun of the horrible food @ Britannia.

Back in Germany I met with my childhood best friends @the xmas market to get drunk with some overpriced Glühwein.

At least we ate a super healthy poké bowl afterwards hahah. Wow!

Then there was another infamous PRAISE mag party... but pictures speak louder than words right?

Jenga was THE thing to play this month haha. I swear you guys we could all be surgeons!

Shopping w/ my gucci princess

Simon w/ the hookup >:)

Than there were two amazing Morrissey, The Cure & Depeche Mode Partys this month.

Nati travelled all the way from Berlin for that.

And maybe also for Christmas with her fam.

But mostly for Morrissey I am sure.

The partys have been so much fun I love that no one cares about how shitty you dance.

Fuck all these Berlin influencer partys for that.

Another event with familiar faces. Acribik store celebrates its first birthday!

My two moods.

Probably my favorite photo in this recap.

THAT'S IT. Thanks for your time.

I hope you had a great 2018. Mine sucked most of the time, but these analog recaps always make me remember the good moments.

I have so much love for all of you guys. You were a huge part of my 2018. You made me travel a lot, got me great jobs with amazing brands and most importantly you showed me love and respect for my work in so many different ways.

Thank YOU.<3