Hi angels,

Okay I just realized I am the worst blogger ever.

Reason 1: My last entry was the December Recap - I didn't post a thing for a whole month

Reason 2: I lost my film roll with all my pics from January - buuuut I developed another film instead and I am d-y-i-n-g right now.

I shot some pics when I visited my girls in Berlin for a weekend and we are eating or drinking in like 90% of the pictures. WHAT THE HELL GIRLS? hahaha. We are such pigs. DAMN. Well I find it very funny, so I thought I am gonna show you these shots of us. (Why isn't Annina on any of these pics? My heart is broken)

Btw, SGC means Sad Girls Club, which is our girl gang. Club Members are Emilya, Annina, Dilara, Nati and me. We exist for quite a while now, but we decided to make us an Instagram account that weekend. Funny videos and more to come. Make sure to follow: @sgcofficialfanpage.

I still love you and I hope you still love me too,


I love Emilyas way to drink Taro Soy Milk Tea

Breakfast at Nati & Emilya's favorite coffee place "unser Café"

Yo-Yos has the best and cheapest!!! vegan fast food

Nati always looks like the boss of the stuffed animal mafia haha.

DONUTS @ Brammibals are tradition when I'm in Berlin

Fun day with UGLY

I got some thorns tattooed on my elbow by Hanaro Shinko

& Didi and me visited Massimo @ his t-shirt release pop up

Sandra joined the ZECH-crew for one day <3

We went to see Culture Abuse & Basement with Kicki <3


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