Hi my angels,

Here are the pics from L.A. for you - I think everyone who keeps an eye on my Instagram story already had a quite good impression of our trip to Los Angels, but everything looks better in analogue! I had a really great time, met new people and made some new experiences - very thankful for that. S/O to Emilya for making this her birthday wish <3. It was my second time here, but last time I visited I was with my parents and I was the stereotype of the "MoM tHiS iS noT a PhAsE" - scene kid, so I didn't cared about much but HOT TOPIC and a picture with the hollywood sign (nothing has changed lmao jk).

To keep it short here are the top 5 facts I HATED and LOVED about Los Angels


1. The people are so open and friendly. You get to know so many people by strangers making you compliments. I am gonna take this with me to Germany.

2. The vegan food is great + I love Wholefoods.

4. The colorful streets, houses, signs and advertisements - everything looks better than in grey grey Germany

5. Lime Scooter - so much fun!

(6. Olivia :) )

Oh, and try Melrose + Fairfax for streetwear shopping! The Dollskill shop is the coolest!


1. Everything is so far away you need a car there and traffic is hell


3. The Jetlag killed me

4. - Not hated but made me sad: I saw so many homeless, poor or crazy people - It's not only glamorous in America :(

That's it. As you can see there is way more love than hate. I would definitely move there. Now keep scrolling for some photos.

Love u,


First night out Emilya and me met some random girls on the street who invited us to join them on this super cool exhibition. It was about censorship and topics society doesn't wanna talk about.

The people there were really stylish. Very punkrock, very goth, very fashion - LOVE :)

I created this donut myself at donut friend (fully vegan shop) and I totally screwed it hahaha - way too heavy and too sweet

JUUL is life

Shopping trip with the girls! Visit the DOLLSKILL shop and ROUND TWO they were my favorites. <3



left: ROUND TWO VINTAGE // right: Kicki and me at a very kawaii boba shop at fairfax road

fun day with ugly

For Emilyas birthday we had sun, awesome vegan beyond meat pizza and of course some underaged skaterboys at VENICE beach - see her new crush (on the right ofc ahahah)

Kicki pulling of the Asian tourist mom style at Santa Monica pier while snacking some seaweed

I just really like this photo

Issa match - so sad this picture came out so blurry :(

UGLYANGZ - mixtape now on soundcloud

I really enjoyed visiting the broad museum, you should it's nice and it's for free

blurry again - shoot!

I got a "LIFE IS A PIGSTY" tattoo from my favorite artist Shon Lindauer again. He is such a talented guy with a super cute dog - get an appointment if you can! (I don't know why I didn't take a pic of the result, but it's definitely in the top 3 of my favorite tattoos). Funfact: The first tattoo I got from him was @ his guest spot in Amsterdam, my first holiday with Emilya. :)


We shot the campaign for Adidas (click here for the blog posting)

After that I had to say goodbye to my girls - but I wasn't that bad because I left for a job in New York.

My very first time in New York - thank you Vans! :)

Unfortunately I didn't have too much time there and my film was almost full, so I won't to a recap for that. Soz.

I hope you enjoyed the #tb to our Los Angeles trip. :)

Love you PIGSTYS!