I finally did my first purchase on StockX and I did a little review for you!

To be fair I had the app installed on my phone and a registered account for like ages now and I didn't managed to buy a thing all the time.

Now I just ordered this Supreme Metal Lighter I missed to buy on the drop.

The buying process was so super easy, I really don't know what to write about it haha. If you're already signed up you don't even have to type in your address or payment information - which could be really dangerous for me, because you can buy stuff on StockX like in a second haha. I will guide you through my shopping experience in the following screenshots:

1. Open the app (obviously)

2. Search for the item/brand of your choice

3. Select the article

4. Choose if you want to bit or buy now (i did buy now for this review)

5. Check the price including fee and shipping

6. Confirm purchase and get your item shipped in 1-2 days (tracked ofc)

If you din't know: All items on StockX are legit checked already!

I have to admit the reason I hadn't ordered anything from StockX until now was because I was thinking shipping/fees would be higher since it's an American app. Well I've been proven wrong - even some European based reselling sites have more fees and higher prices on their items.


(I swear I am not only saying this because I'm getting paid I think this app is actually pretty good and easy to use lmao)

Download the app and sign up now: CLICK HERE