Welcome back Pigstys,

My camera broke a while ago and I have been pretty inactive since then, but here comes a new posting. When I got told that the ADIDAS OZWEEGO is going to get a reissue this year I told my friend working @ ADIDAS "I'm so stoked to do a shooting with the shoe because I fucking love this silhouette" so yeah, it's out now and so is my new blog posting. I really love the 90's shape of the sneaker it's super bold and sharp. The mix of materials on these is also just sick.

Also I got told that the key color of this shooting should be bright green and I took that brief very seriously as you're about see, when you scroll through the pictures Melina and me took. The setup was so stressful since I was super windy that day, but yay we made it so check out my new ADIDAS OZWEEGO kicks featuring my new green hair! I love it.

The OZWEEGO released a few days ago on ADIDAS so follow the link to save your comfy 90's sneaker.

Love u xx

all photos by Melina Lautenschläger for @adidas_de