Hello Pigstys,

I hope you all had a great start into 2020! I collected a lot of pics of the time between Christmas and New Year so I thought I am gonna make a film recap with these. They are mostly pictures of me and my friends being out drinking, but hey that's what you do in this weird time right?

2019 was probably the worst year of my life and I am so fucking happy that its over - Cheers to 2020 hopefully treating us good.

Love you homies xx


Sascha @ the GSF & Nihility show in London

Louis @ Lunchbreak

Who wore it better?

Back in Cologne, drinking with the boys + the night when Rami and me accidentally swichted our cameras

Nick: "Who the hell is Richard Fuck?

Stages in Faith

Rob & Cam

Bae and me went to Athens because I had a job there, but he got sick and had to stay in bed the whole time :(

At least one night we had cute dinner and then walked up the hill to sit on the rocks by Acropolis

My favorite Xmas tradition: Morrissey + The Cure party on the first Christmas Day - Nati looking like a snacc hehe

... and me looking like a corpse :o)

Drinking at our favorite bar w/ the hottest barkeeper

The day the homies from Desolated played a show in Cologne

And it was my best friends birthday too <3


2020 we lit lol

last pic of the roll: Brighton with my love - tbc :)